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Tasting Menus


Research on simplicity has led me to develop seemingly simple cooking,

clean and with a strong connection to tradition. I do not try to impress

with unnecessary complications but with practicality and simplicity. 

I hope that the love we put into our job transpires from our gestures and

our food.


“I am fortunate to do what I love and I hope others like it to. 

But if not, I will continue on my path.”



Angelo Sabatelli




A menu that traces our thirteen years with you, a path that collects your  

favorite dishes in constant evolution

2014 Cuttlefish, raw baby cuttlefish “allievo”, almond and lemon*         


2021 Maturated savoy cabbage, mustard, honey, bee pollen


2015 Black and white of roasted eggplant


2010 Broad bean puree, stir-fried chicory, marinated oyster


2020 Cauliflower, dried broad bean cream, fermented garlic, bay leaf


2022 “Calzone to go” onion, spiced almond, cherry marmalade


2011 Potato filled tortelli with rabbit ragout, artichokes and olives


2013 Pumpkin risotto, black truffle, local blue cheese


2012 Orecchiette pasta with 30 hours cooked meat ragout, canestrato


2017 Seabass fillet with spinach “florentine”


2019 Wood pigeon, “caramelized” porcini, currants, peaty sauce


2018 Thousand layers of apple “tatin”, vanilla sabayon


2016 Warm chocolate mousse, candied kumquat, salted caramel



Menu 4 courses of your choice € 90 per person (one must be sweet)


Menu 8 courses of your choice € 140 per person (one must be sweet)


Menu 13 courses € 190 per person

*the above single menu is served for the entire table

A la Carte Menu

Cuttlefish, raw baby cuttlefish “allievo”, almond and lemon*                     € 30


Roasted potato filled savoy cabbage, borlotti beans                                 € 30


Egg, char grilled leek, canestrato, tuna bottarga                                        € 30    


Crispy veal sweetbread, carrot, black truffle                                               € 33




Spaghetto, cime di rapa cream, raw shrimps, crusco pepper *                 € 30


Orecchiette pasta with 30 hours cooked meat ragout

canestrato cheese fondue                                                                          € 30


Walnut filled bottoni, 

hand chopped mallard ragout, porcini mushrooms, bay leaf                     € 30


Pumpkin risotto, black truffle, local blue cheese                                        € 30




Seabass meunier, butter emulsion, capers                                                € 36


Tagliata di tonno rosso, midollo, lattuga di mare, salsa vino rosso            € 36


Roasted suckling pig, osmanthus quince, sea buckthorn                          € 36


Hazelnut crusted beef cube roll, truffle sauce                                            € 36




Warm chocolate mousse, kumquat, salted caramel                                   € 20


Thousand layers of apple “tatin”, vanilla sabayon                                      € 20


Dates, fig must “vincotto”, ricotta                                                              € 20


Chocolate bon bon, candied lampascioni, artichoke liqueur                     € 20